Truth And Its Burden

Just Music + Mongrel Records are delighted to announce Truth And Its Burden 'Live Through Hell' /// A Theatrical Apocalypse as the first live streamed performance feature on the company’s new Hullabaloo Sessions platform. 

Truth And Its Burden will take to the stage 22 AUGUST 2020 @ 7PM. 

Present day, 2020. Mankind has suffered incredible losses, global economies have fallen, governments have been abolished, cities have been abandoned as those seeking refuge away from main centres try and rebuild a sense of community in the ruins of the outlying wastelands.

With emotive resources now facing dire scarcity, one such faction, Truth And Its Burden have reinforced stability and structure in the region. Bringing forth hope for a future, hope for restoration, hope from the ashes of the hell we’ve all been condemned to.

This is mankind, living through hell, a theatrical turmoil brought to life through light, sound, motion and stage.

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Expect to hear the band’s well-known repertoire as you have never heard it before plus exclusive new material!


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